Luezar-Eco is launching on the market the new electric safety device in the form of safety circuit containing electronic components SEL-20 for the car overspeed detection.

Main functions

Ascending car overspeed protection means

  • In compliance with the standard EN 81-20 point, it detects overspeed of the ascending car at a mínimum 115% of the rated speed and causes the car to stop.

Overspeed governor

  • In compliance with the standard EN 81-20 point a), it initiates the stopping of the lift machine before the car speed reaches the tripping speed of the governor.

Applications and advantages regarding other existing devices in the market

Ascending car overspeed protection means

  • It can be used in combination with the machine’s brake or another device for reducing the car speed.
  • It can be installed in new lifts o existing lifts, using any rotary part of the installation (pulleys, overspeed governor, etc.)
  • In new installations, it can be supplied integrated on any model of overspeed governor manufactured by Luezar, rope or belt actioned. Reduced dimensions (70x40x19mm)
  • No adjustment or maintenance is needed. In case of damage, the device enters “safe mode”.

Overspeed governor

  • It can be used in combination with the overspeed governor for preventing unintended performances in the governor, both in up und down direction.
  • More precision for the detection speed.
  • Shorter response time.

Availability of the product

For samples request, please contact
SEL-20 will be available from 1st September 2020

Current “Kit Overspeed switch” obsolescence IMPORTANT!!!
The current electromechanical device for detecting overspeed will be ceased from 1st January 202

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