According to our customers’ new requirements, because of the introduction of our products onto new markets, LUEZAR-ECO’s belt overspeed governors have been recertified in order to increase the máximum lenght of the toothed belt, and thus the travel distance of the facilities where they can be assembled.

Please, check the certificate number in your technical dossiers, because all the overspeed governors LM12CD, LM18CD and LF18CD supplied from the setting out date, will include the new certificate number in the identification plate.

Old: EU-OG 273; EU-OG 229; EU-OG 232
New: [icon_font type=»file-pdf-o»] EU-OG 273/1; [icon_font type=»file-pdf-o»] EU-OG 229/1; [icon_font type=»file-pdf-o»] EU-OG 232/1