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110 4x4


GUIDE RAIL TICHKNESS (mm) D (mm) G (mm) F (mm) H (mm) I (mm) E (mm) R (mm)
17 ÷ 70 29 + (EG-16)/2 46 ÷ 58 54 ÷ 115 27,5 + (EG-16)/2 45,25 + (EG-16)/2 20



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[icon_font type=»file-pdf-o»] General Assembly Instructions es gb de fr it ru
[icon_font type=»file-pdf-o»] Instructions of assembly, connection, adjustment and maintenance
[icon_font type=»file-pdf-o»] UE type-examination certificate according to Directive 2014/33/EU es gb de fr
[icon_font type=»file-pdf-o»] EAC Certificate Russia
[icon_font type=»file-pdf-o»] Data sheet es gb
[icon_font type=»file-pdf-o»] Catalogue es gb