We inform you that Luezar has increased the maximum permissible load of our SLC2500-S and SLC2500-HS safety gears, using dry and oiled machined guide rails.

The aim of this certification is the better use of the SLC2500 load capacity at the speed most used by our customers.
Considering 1m/s and 1,6m/s as the most common rated speeds, the máximum permissible load at these speeds will be now a 25% bigger for the SLC2500-S and a 45% bigger for the SLC2500-HS, exceeding in both cases a load of 4200Kg.

Please, check the certificate number in your technical dossiers, because all the safety gears SLC2500-S and SLC2500-HS supplied will include the new certificate number in the identification plate.

Old TRI/DAS.IV-A/000030/16
New [icon_font type=»file-pdf-o»] TRI/DAS.IV-A/001322/20