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Safety Engineering
for elevators and lifts

The safety and efficiency of elevators and lifts are paramount for your business. We understand that a stalled elevator or an extended delivery time can pose considerable problems; that's why if you need to deliver elevator parts quickly, are looking for affordable and quality safety components, or find it challenging to find customized solutions for each installation, we will be delighted to assist you.

Beyond elevation:
Your safety, our mission.

We are experts in manufacturing safety components for elevators and in providing custom welding services. Our products and services help companies like yours overcome these challenges. Our company, Luezar Eco, specializes in designing and manufacturing safety components for elevators, including safety gears and overspeed governors, with proprietary designs that can be adapted to your company's needs.

Safety Gears

A mechanical device designed to stop the cabin in case of excessive speed or breakage of the suspension components.

Limitador de velocidad

Dispositivo de seguridad que causa la parada del ascensor cuando este alcanza una velocidad determinada.

Sistema UCM

Detecta movimientos incontrolados de la cabina y activan medidas de seguridad para detenerla.

Geared Machines

Mechanical components that facilitate the vertical movement of the cabin.



Elevator Maintenance

For companies dedicated to elevator maintenance, we understand that an out-of-service elevator is inconvenient for your customers and can disrupt your workflow. Therefore, we commit to providing a fast and agile spare parts supply. We can guarantee an exceptional response time thanks to our extensive inventory and ability to adapt to last-minute demands. This translates into reduced downtime and the opportunity for your team to resume work immediately.

Complete Elevator Sales

We know that for companies that sell complete elevators, safety is paramount. Additionally, we understand that keeping costs under control is crucial for profitability. That's why we offer high-quality elevator safety components at a competitive price. From progressive and instantaneous safety gears to belt or rope overspeed governors, our products result from years of experience and meticulous design. We even have exclusive products, such as our belt limiter, an innovative installation solution where traditional rope overspeed governors are not feasible.


Engineering Departments

Our team of experts is ready to assist engineering departments seeking customized solutions. We can adapt our product to your needs, and if necessary, we can design new components tailored to each customer. Our technical team, equipped with deep industry knowledge and boundless creativity, works closely with you to develop custom solutions that meet your requirements.

Safety Engineering to Elevate Your Business

Working with Luezar Eco means choosing a path to success and satisfaction. In each interaction, we promise to provide results that enhance your operations and efficiency.

Our agility and speed in delivering spare parts for elevators and lifts are essential in minimizing downtime. By reducing the time an elevator remains out of service, we minimize inconveniences and protect your reputation for high-quality service. This results in more satisfied customers and, ultimately, better performance for your business.

Regarding elevator and lift safety, our role is twofold. On the one hand, we offer reliable safety components that strengthen the integrity of the elevators you sell or maintain. On the other, we improve your business's profitability by providing high-quality products at competitive prices. This balance between safety and efficient costs is one of the aspects that sets us apart.

Furthermore, we understand that every company and project has unique needs. That's why our customized safety solutions for elevators and lifts are integral to our service. Our technical team can always work with you, adapting our products to your needs or designing new components. This tailored guidance and design service is the finishing touch that allows us to adapt to any scenario and deliver exceptional results.

We Create Customized Safety


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