We would like to inform you about the certification of our new protections against unintended car movements (UCM) and the control electronic module EM-17.
This new certification includes all our overspeed governors (actioned by rope and by toothed belt), and also our instantaneous and progressive safety gears, provided with any of our linkages.
The complete system includes: Electronic Module EM-17 + SLC Overspeed governor with antisliding system + SLC Safety gear.
The main advantage of using this system is the independence and compatibility with any lift model, electric or hydraulic, and with any lift machine or hydraulic equipment. As well it can be assembled both in new installations and also in modernisations.
If you are already using our safety gears and overspeed governors, only by placing our new electronic module EM-17 in your control panel, you will have as result one of the most reliable UCM system in the market.
Should you have further technical information about our new equipments, certificates or manuals, please contact our technical department.