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  • New certificates EAC availables

    Please be informed that the new EAC certificates of the SLC2500-S safety gear and the LF20, LM18 and LM12 overspeed governors to be used at the Customs Union are available.


    Progressive safety gear SLC2500

    Overspeed governor LF20, LM18, LM12

  • New certificates – Rope overspeed governors

    New certificates have been issued for the rope overspeed governors in order to include the new electric safety device for overspeed detection SEL-20, and to update the certification drawing.

    Please check the certificate number in your technical dossier, as all the LF30 and LF20 overspeed governors manufactured from the setting out date will be labelled with the new certificate number.

    Overspeed governor LF30CA

    • Download

    Overspeed governor LF20CA

    • Download


    Old EU-OG 244; EU-OG 233
    New EU-OG 244/1; EU-OG 233/1

  • New data sheets

    New data sheets are available for all our models of overspeed governors and safety gears.

    We recommended you to send them with the orders.

    Progressive safety gears

    Instantaneous safety gears

    Belt overspeed governors

    Rod overspeed governors



  • Electronic safety device SEL-20

    Luezar-Eco is launching on the market the new electric safety device in the form of safety circuit containing electronic components SEL-20 for the car overspeed detection.

    Main functions

    Ascending car overspeed protection means

    • In compliance with the standard EN 81-20 point, it detects overspeed of the ascending car at a mínimum 115% of the rated speed and causes the car to stop.

    Overspeed governor

    • In compliance with the standard EN 81-20 point a), it initiates the stopping of the lift machine before the car speed reaches the tripping speed of the governor.

    Applications and advantages regarding other existing devices in the market

    Ascending car overspeed protection means

    • It can be used in combination with the machine’s brake or another device for reducing the car speed.
    • It can be installed in new lifts o existing lifts, using any rotary part of the installation (pulleys, overspeed governor, etc.)
    • In new installations, it can be supplied integrated on any model of overspeed governor manufactured by Luezar, rope or belt actioned. Reduced dimensions (70x40x19mm)
    • No adjustment or maintenance is needed. In case of damage, the device enters “safe mode”.

    Overspeed governor

    • It can be used in combination with the overspeed governor for preventing unintended performances in the governor, both in up und down direction.
    • More precision for the detection speed.
    • Shorter response time.

    Availability of the product

    For samples request, please contact
    SEL-20 will be available from 1st September 2020

    Current “Kit Overspeed switch” obsolescence IMPORTANT!!!
    The current electromechanical device for detecting overspeed will be ceased from 1st January 202

    Download the certificate

  • Interlift 2019

    We are there!
    Come and visit us in hall 5, stand 5001.

    This year Grupo Luezar celebrates its 25th anniversary

  • Interlift 2019

    ¡Os esperamos!
    Ven a visitarnos, estaremos en el hall 5, stand 5001

    Este año el Grupo Luezar celebra su 25 aniversario

  • Protection against unintended car movement (UCM) electronic module EM-17

    We would like to inform you about the certification of our new protections against unintended car movements (UCM) and the control electronic module EM-17.
    This new certification includes all our overspeed governors (actioned by rope and by toothed belt), and also our instantaneous and progressive safety gears, provided with any of our linkages.
    The complete system includes: Electronic Module EM-17 + SLC Overspeed governor with antisliding system + SLC Safety gear.
    The main advantage of using this system is the independence and compatibility with any lift model, electric or hydraulic, and with any lift machine or hydraulic equipment. As well it can be assembled both in new installations and also in modernisations.
    If you are already using our safety gears and overspeed governors, only by placing our new electronic module EM-17 in your control panel, you will have as result one of the most reliable UCM system in the market.
    Should you have further technical information about our new equipments, certificates or manuals, please contact our technical department.

  • New certificate according to the new Directive 2014/33/EU

    We are pleased to inform you that the new certificate for our progressive safety gear SLC2500S, according to the new Directive 2014/33/EU is now available. From 20th April 2016, they will be manufactured and identified in accordance with the new Directive

    [icon_font type=»file-pdf-o»] EU type-examination certificate according to Directive 2014/33/EU for SLC2500 es gb de fr